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  • Regulations

    If you want to join EWWA, please fill in the form after reading the regulations.

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    Being a member of EWWA means supporting members’ interests and making your voice heard.

    Our Association purses the following aims:

    To broaden members’ didactic and professional horizons

    To support constant training for members

    To act as an intermediary between authors and other operators working in the field


    In order to attain these objectives, the Association promotes various activities: in particular, cultural and professional seminars, workshops, theoretical and practical writing and/or refresher courses for people working in communication and information.

    Some services are free of charge, while others are fee-based, e.g.  seminars and workshops. Professional relationships established between members and freelance professionals – whether they are members or not of EWWA, such as agents, readers, editors, translators, graphic designers, etc. – will be established directly between the parties.

    The Association is non-political and non-profit. EWWA is open to women, as ordinary or associate members, if they meet the following necessary requirements:

    Ordinary Members

    Professionals who support the Association and help further its interests both within the association and externally. Ordinary Member status applies to writers who have already published at least two works (paper and/or digital) in national circulation or distribution; writers who publish short stories for national magazines and newspapers; works published through paid publishing or self-publishing do not qualify. Journalists, freelance journalists, editors, translators, screenwriters, etc. who work at professional level in their field are eligible for Ordinary Member status. Annual dues for Ordinary Members: €50.00. The proceeds from membership fees will be used for revenue expenditures and for the organization of services and basic activities intended for the members.


    Women who are interested in working with writing are eligible for Associate status, and they may become Ordinary Members as soon as they satisfy the eligibility requirements. Annual dues for Associates: €35.00.

    Thank you for your enrolment and participation!

    the EWWA Charter Members