Speaking in Public – You can!


Impressions from a special day by Paola Gianinetto

Corso speaker 1

“Come on, girls, let’s start.”

About 20 women, or rather, Ewwe women, arrange themselves in a circle, watching each other and smiling, a bit embarrassed. At first we don’t know what to do with our hands and feet, or where to look, but after a few minutes everything changes. Mirella Mazzeranghi takes charge with her calm and confident voice but also in the way she moves in the room, like she owns it. I’m sure that in that moment we all thought the same thing: I’d love to be like her. I wish I could stand in front of an audience without shaking and secretly drying my sweaty hands; speak about myself and my work with a steady voice and proud expression and not whisper disconnected phrases with great difficulty, or feel embarrassed for having done something that I love, or think that I don’t deserve the attention of those who are listening to me.

Corso speaker 2

That day we learned to become more aware of our bodies and to make them more relaxed, be open rather than closed off. We were put to the test by doing what most frightens us: stand in front of a room full of people and have to interest, captivate and capture the audience. Convince them that our novel, project or creation, is worth consideration because we tell them so.

Not easy. And I don’t want to lie to you: in a day, despite the miracles worked by Mirella, I have not learned how to do it. But I realized something that has radically changed the perspective of a chronically insecure person like me: you can succeed.

You just need to train, as if you were going to run a marathon. Train the muscles in your legs, your breath and say to yourself that you can do it. Then throw yourself in it and, if you have truly worked hard, maybe you don’t win, but you’re that bit nearer the finish line.